Arrr, there be pirates in Caledon!

The inimitable Duchess of Carntaigh outdid herself last night with pirate-themed music that got the crowd all riled up at a SLRFL fundraiser last night in Caledon Carntaigh. The other hostesses were Miss Fuschia Begonia and Miss Lapin Paris. I dare say a good time was had by all.

The dance animations worked surprisingly well with sword in hand. Luckily, no harm came to any of the scurvy, rum-swilling dogs that were present.

And oh, yes–I won an auction for two hours of DJing by Gabriel Riel, the Duchess of Carntaigh. Woot! There’ll be a party in Wyre. Stay tuned!

Speaking out against the war with Neualtenburg

Today I have sent this letter to the Caledon Forums:

Dear friends and neighbors,

I have today come to the conclusion that I can no longer support Caledon’s military activities. While the original goals are nothing but laudable, and many of you have poured untold hours of heart and soul into the activities of the current situation, I have chosen to visit abroad with my cousin Mr Paderborn until Caledon returns to a state of peace.

Perhaps it may be that I will find a way to contribute to the larger cause by taking some humanitarian role, and I may return from time to time for functions that are purely social in nature.

I look forward to the day when Caledon becomes once again a place of uncomplicated peace and contentment, and I return to my home in Tamrannoch, and to my lakeside cabin in the Highlands.

Yrs, etc.

Miss Hermione Fussbudget

(My typist also has some additional remarks on role-playing.)

Events become less confusing

The machinima at Oolon Sputnik’s 500 Year Diary: Secret Policemens Ball is a fine result of Saturday night’s events. It shows considerable creativity, as do the swirling intrigues and drama being carried forward on various Caledon blogs. In addition, Mr Zealot Benmergui very graciously stepped out of character on the Caledon Forums to help out the clueless such as myself, and Guvnah Shang himself posted to the Forums to reassure residents.

Sim crossing into a full parcel

The Prim and Proper store near my home in Tamrannoch has been transformed into a stables, selling sleighs and hackney carts drawn by draft horses. Naturally, I had to have one, and I’ve been taking it out for driving lessons. Pretty pictures will have to wait for later. In the meantime:

That’s the cart.

And that’s me and the Percheron.

And this is how it first started, before the horse and I became separated from the cart. You can see Caledon Victoria City there, far below us. (Linked to 800 pixel wide version.)

Family tragedy

With heavy heart I report that I have become head of House Heidrun, through the death of all senior members in a terrible molasses flood. This brings to me responsibility for the ancestral property in Caledon Highlands, and I know not what else. My cousin Mr Paderborn and I are the only known surviving members of the clan, although I shall ever be on the lookout for other distant relatives and retainers.

I have never concerned myself with the family business of mead-making, and of course now all of our facilities have been destroyed. Oh, that Great-Uncle Oskrr had not hazarded the experiment of substituting molasses for honey! The only thing recovered from the accident was a single beehive. There is still a terrible mess of congealing molasses at the plant; who knows what yet may be salvaged, or indeed, if House Heidrun should ever again produce the healthful and invigorating draughts for which it has ever been known!

Beauty amongst silliness

Mr Mordecai Scaggs reports on the Secret Miranda Society, which was a very silly, and very fun, impromptu happening last Sunday. Mr Scaggs has a number of good photos showing the early progression of the experience. But he goes on to share, “At the height of this silliness there were 30 of us, resplendent in our full Miranda regalia, raving in sync to medieval lute music, much to the amusement of onlookers. This was one of the times I have felt most part of Caledonian society, to be part of such spontaneous tomfoolery is something I shall treasure. My Aspergers means I always feel apart from other people. . .”

Aspergers is not a mental illness, nor is there a cure. It is a physiological condition, present from birth, where the neurons in the brain are wired to follow very different pathways than in the “normal” person. Thus it is something I have to live with.

Go read the whole thing. And there you will see beauty amongst the silliness.

It’s all done for charity

Caledon’s SLRFL team held a Renaissance Faire this weekend in Caledon Carntaigh. I was delighted to be able to attend on Sunday, buying an assortment of outfits from the vendors, trying out the catapult, and even taking a turn in the stocks, just to give others a reason to purchase tomatoes. At some point, those assembled began dancing, and well, one thing led to another:

Here’s a closer shot of yours truly:

By later in the evening, the crowd had easily tripled, and all manner of accoutrements had been added to the general costume. At one point Her Grace, the Duchess of Carntaigh herself dropped by, taking a break from her Gen X radio duties. (We were wonderfully entertained by her 80s program as we danced.)

And, of course, [shhh!] there was the formation of a secret society.