Totally unacceptable financial services

Linden Lab charges are now made from London, and thus nearly everyone’s financial institution is flagging large transactions as fraud (and it must be large transactions, because recent currency purchases went through fine). On Linden Lab’s part, this is very poor practice. With thousands of customers, surely they can spring for region-appropriate billing services.

For convenience, I decided to use a CapitalOne Mastercard as my LL funding source. When I called them to ask about this morning’s rejected transaction, they said they would mark it as ok. When I mentioned that it is a monthly charge, however, they said I would have to call every month. Calling every month for a routine transaction, just because it’s coming from London? What a load. I’ll be moving my business elsewhere.

Caledon Peace Society

Opening Reception for Caledon Peace Society
Sunday, August 26, 2007
12-3 PM SLT
Caledon SteamSkyCity/117/91

The Caledon Peace Society is established to provide a venue for discussion of issues of peace and conflict.

While many RL conflicts rage about us, and people of good will disagree about solutions to conflict and the use of force or violence, the Caledon Peace Society strives always to be a place where all who come in a spirit of listening and goodwill can find respect, fellowship, and resources.

This event will officially open the Baroness Bertha von Suttner chapter of the Caledon Peace Society. Come learn about the Baroness and other peacemakers, find links to internet resources on peace and conflict resolution, and visit with old and new friends.

There will be musical entertainment provided by Radio Riel, with a specially themed program at 1:00 PM.

The Peace Society is immediately adjacent to the telehub.

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Bienvenue à  Tenth Life

Je regrette que je parle seulement un peu français!

Much like SL itself, visitors to this blog (mostly coming from links at the SL website list of resident sites and are about 49% from the US, followed by 9% from the UK, 8.5% from France, 4.6% from Germany, and 4.4% from Canada. There have been visits from every continent except Antarctica, including a visit from Tunisia and one from Mauritius! Pretty amazing for a brand-new blog about what is, for me, mostly entertainment.

Yesterday I went and got copies of Max Case’s Babbler and De-Babbler at Green/189/166.

After the cut is the whole list, from Google Analytics.

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