The state of social dance in Second Life

A most surprising occurrence last night at Radio Riel at the Rock. Lady Protector Diamanda Gustafson was DJing. (I missed the audio on the first half, as I was also watching the end of a movie—but I can vouch that the second half was fantastic!) The conversation turned to various forms of social dance not yet available in SL, such as the polonaise, the quadrille, and even a short English Country Dance set (not mentioned, though no doubt also desired, would be a square dance and a contra dance set).

Currently there is a relatively short list of couple dances from major animators: waltz, tango, salsa, and ballroom. Alexicon Kurka, however, produces a polka, and has recently introduced several Greek dances, including a hasapikos (or perhaps a syrtaki, but it is called hasapikos by Mr Kurka) that can be coordinated in a line:

Left to right: Hotspur O’Toole, Searra Weatherwax, Gabrielle Riel, Eladrienne Laval, Annechen Lowey, Otenth Paderborn, Myfanwy Davies, and Iason Hassanov (I’m not sure I have Miss Davies’ name correctly, and I would be happy to receive correction.)

Streaming live on Radio Riel

As Radio Riel’s seemingly tireless leader has revealed that, yes, she does occasionally tire, and is taking a well-deserved break, I’m streaming some of my music tonight on Radio Riel, I’m reusing the playlist I created for the opening reception for the Caledon Peace Society, with vocal and American sacred music, world music, and nordic. I’ll need to add on an hour or more at the end. If you have a request, oh, go ahead and send it to me.

Photo shoot

In order to complete my host profile for Radio Riel, I did a photo shoot of myself the other day. Here are a few of the results, all taken in Ormsby Hall on Little West Sniggery island in Caledon Murdann.

This is the image I chose for the Radio Riel profile (click for larger version):

I think this one is rather romantic and melancholy at the same time (click for larger version):

A hot time in Carntaigh

Tonight’s DJ for Gen-X with Gabi was Miss Mitsu Figaro. No, the music wasn’t Gen-X. No, it wasn’t with Gabi. But it was a hot time, nonetheless.

I think we made Miss Qlippothic Projects, Fire Chief of Caledon, more than a little nervous:

Dancing to open a museum

Please help celebrate the opening of the Eulalie Mackechnie Farquhar Memorial Art Museum in Wyre on Tuesday, September 18, from 5 to 7 PM SLT.

Eulalie Mackechnie Farquhar was the paternal grandmother of Hermione Fussbudget, Baroness Wyre. The inaugural exhibit will feature photographs taken in Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by Liz Augustine. The museum is adjacent to the fine dance floor in the Wyre fairgrounds. Music will be provided by Radio Riel DJ Diamanda Gustafson, playing her signature mix of “bagpipes and rock.”