International SL

Today I was jumping around with the Registrator-Tron and came across OfficialGreece, with quite a nice Acropolis.

[photos lost, post left for the record of old sims]

To give you a sense of the scale:

In the same block of sims: GreeceOfficial2 and GreeceCommercialPark. And adjoining corners: Syros Greece and Digital Scotland. And then just to the east: polimnia, talia, urania, euterpe, terpsichore, clio, erato, PIAXXA ITALIA, and BEST OF ITALIAN. Quite the international neighborhood!

Upcoming chaos

In light of the upcoming seasonal adjustments to local clocks, I have added a page (linked above) that will show you what time (and day) it is in various parts of the world. (Radio Riel staff live in the United Kingdom, various time zones in the United States, and Australia. It’s not always even the same day!)

These clocks are courtesy of the useful site, World Time Server. FYI, you can also enter “time in wherever” into a Google search field, and it will give you the current time in that location.