Hypergrid Adventurers Club

I finally made it! And it was worth it. Not without quite a few bumps along the way, but I was able to use my ReactionGrid account to get there.

The end destination is a recreation of a Carthusian monastery. Very cool! You can find the chat logs and the instructional notecard at Pathfinder Lester’s blog, “Be Cunning and Full of Tricks.”

Some of the bumps (for those who are interested in trying it):

  • There are two versions of Open Sim in current, wide use, and they have different versions of the hypergrid teleport. So if you are on OSgrid, you can’t (at this time) do a hypergrid teleport to Reaction Grid or Jokaydia (or any of the places Pathfinder is finding and leading people to). Most of the people in the group today seemed to be using accounts at Jokaydia, but at least two of us were using ReactionGrid accounts. You can create an account in either grid.
  • ReactionGrid Help Island has some instant-teleport arches. One of them goes to Jokaydia, but having taken that teleport, I couldn’t search for Pathlandia or see it on the map. I had to go to Scooter, which was just south of the Jokaydia sim I was in, via double-clicking on the map. Once I was on Scooter, I was able to fly one grid north and one west to Pathlandia. Teleporting via the map from Scooter to Pathlandia crashed me.
  • I couldn’t use the instant gate on Pathlandia, but was able to use the hypergrid coordinates Pathfinder provided to teleport via the map to our intermediate destination. Once there, I was still getting the local chat from Pathlandia. I was also alternating between night and day every few seconds (which the others there were not seeing).

Alien crash landing

ROT Development

Originally uploaded by bark Aabye

Lovely photo of a very interesting sim. It’s a full sim, but there are only 799 prims in use–one of them being a 2048×2048 prim that makes the featureless landscape extend beyond the sim edges. The furrow of the crash site is fantastically done.

Viewer failure

I’ve been having login failures off and on over the last week. After I use the Imprudence viewer to log in to InWorlds or OSgrid, I sometimes then get login failures in all the Second Life viewers, for all accounts. The login progress bar starts, and then this error message pops up:

Login failed.
Sorry! We couldn’t log you in.
Please check to make sure you entered the right
*Account name
Also, please make sure your Caps Lock key is off.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both the Imprudence and Second Life viewers multiple times, being sure to eliminate the logs, the caches, and the “application support” files. (I’m on a Mac.) I have been able to get SL running again by using a backup copy of user settings, but I don’t know what it is I did correctly when I did so, because I’m currently not able to access SL even after redoing the entire reinstall again. I can’t even log in to SL with Imprudence (which I could one of the prior times.) I’m really stumped.

Launch party for Radio Riel Volksmusik

Radio Riel has launched a sixth music stream: Radio Riel Volksmusik. It features traditional and contemporary folk music of Eastern, Central, and Northern Europe.

In honor of today’s launch, I’ll play a special live Volksmusik program from 6:00pm – 7:00pm SLT on both Radio Riel Main Stream and Radio Riel Volksmusik. If you are in Second Life, please join me at the Edison Ballroom in New Toulouse Bourbon (http://slurl.com/secondlife/New%20Toulouse%20Bourbon/166/133/27) for the party, or you can tune in on either of the simulcasting stations, Main or Volksmusik.

Terpsichore Tuesday returns

Captain Veles Jaegermonster and I invite you to the weekly Terpsichore Tuesday dance event at the Harborside Horizon Ballroom, Tuesdays, 5-6:30 pm SLT. The motto of Terpsichore Tuesdays is “It’s Second Life–We can dance to anything!”

Terpsichore Tuesdays was created by Valentine Janus in April 2009 and hosted by her in City of Enoch until December 2009, when she was no longer able to continue. Steadman Kondor then hosted it at Caledon Mayfair until March 2010. Veles and I hope to continue in this fine tradition of musical variety and friendly conversation.

Well presented hunt

I’m not doing this hunt, but since I’ve been free with criticisms of hunts, I’d like to give a shout-out to the Animal Lovers Hunt – 8.08 – 9.09.2010. There are many things I like about the way they’ve presented their hunt:

  • They aren’t overly preachy about not giving hints or using TPV item searches (although of course they discourage it!)
  • Although their hint list doesn’t have SLurls, they do have a list of all the participating stores with SLurls, so I can go to a specific store if I want to
  • Excellent use of photographs, both on Flickr and the blog, including photos of the prizes

I really like being given enough information to decide if I want to invest the time in the hunt, and enough information to patronize specific stores as well.


As in, which basket(s) to put them in.

Several months ago I sold my remaining sim in Second Life shortly after one of the two tenants I had left. I realized I didn’t want to be a landlord, and the cost of owning a sim had become much larger than the entertainment value it was worth. So I did a cost/benefit analysis of sorts, and I decided how much money I was willing to pay each month for my fun in Second Life.

Having been in the frame of mind of renting the bulk of my Second Life property directly from Linden Research, I replaced my sim by becoming a premium member again, contributing tier to a group I control, and buying a chunk of mainland for the group. That seemed like the best way to get the most prims for the least money. (For those who don’t know, tier on mainland is less than tier on private sims; groups get a 10% bonus above the amount of tier contributed by group members; and tier on mainland is paid in US$, eliminating the exchange fees.) Prices for land on the mainland are also at what may be historic lows, so it was cheap to buy the land.

Then came the mass layoffs. And I thought, I’m not sure I want to put so much money into such an unstable business. So I reduced my mainland holdings by half in order to drop to the next lower tier level. (Monthly tier, not the purchase price, being the major expense of owning mainland.)

And then came the news of Qarl Linden being let go. I never met Qarl, and I have no idea what the whole story is of his employment at Linden Lab. But the situation, nonetheless, only increases my sense of unease about the business health of Linden Research.

Tateru Nino continues to be one of the virtual world commentators/analysts I most value reading. She estimates that layoffs at Linden Research will total 60% by the end of September, “if all goes well”:

“If all goes well”? Yes, it doesn’t sound very good, does it? But it will mean that the company is still there, and hasn’t gone all belly-up.com – which would be the worst possible outcome for everyone, including Linden Lab’s competitors. Few people would actually want to see the Lab go out of business, and it certainly appears to be making all the right moves to ensure that it doesn’t.

And in the comments:

Without faith in virtual environments, generally, the opensim grid could well wind up in the same position as previous generations of online virtual environments: A niche-corner of the Internet with a small market of users shared between them; barely noticed by the public at large, and ultimately not sustainable for more than a decade or two without enough growth to offset attrition.

I do not want Linden Research, Inc., to go out of business. I enjoy my Second Life. But when I look at what I pay each month not just as a fee for server space but as an investment in future pleasure, it’s clear that the added value has little or nothing to do with Linden Lab. Second Life is the best platform I’ve found for what it offers (none of the OpenSim grids come close—yet). But the only pleasure it offers, in and of itself, is landscaping and building. Almost all of the joy I get out of Second Life is the result of communities.

So I’ve now eliminated my mainland holdings, and I’m putting my eggs in baskets that have the potential to outlast Second Life: the communities that bring me joy.

This week I became a true resident of Steelhead. I’ve owned land there, in various sims, for a while, but I now own a good-sized parcel in Steelhead St. Helens that will be my SL home. There are several reasons I chose Steelhead, many having to do with the owners, TotalLunar Eclipse and Tensai Hilra: I’ve met them in real life and liked them; they are actively engaged in Steelhead socially; and they keep up with the cutting edge of virtual world-related technology, including keeping an eye on alternatives to Second Life. (It is this last characteristic that makes them stand out from my other favorite land barons who share the first two.) And to the extent that I’ve been socially engaged in Second Life of late, it is with the people of Steelhead.

After a few months of wandering, it’s good to be home.

A store I’ll never patronize

I’m doing the House and Garden hunt until I get bored. I came across an item at rbcg (#14) that insures I’ll never shop there. And the hunt conveniently provides all the places, so I’m not dependent on taking whatever they’re offering, either!

The offending item? A mask of some sort that attaches an elephant trunk and tusks to your face. That’s fine, as far as it goes. But the item is called “you have aids!” and the sign has a letter in the image, which reads: “hello. we are writing this letter in regards to your last visit here at the unplanned parenthood department. we regret to inform you that you have been diagnosed with aids. sucks for you.”

Sadly, I don’t think just being deeply, deeply offensive is on the list of things I can abuse report the creator for, so I thought I’d do the next best thing and tell teh intarweebs that rbcg sucks, and don’t shop there.

Supporting alternative music in Second Life

If you enjoy the kind of alternative programming Radio Riel provides to residents of Second Life and other denizens of the internet, and if you have a business you would like to promote to that community, I encourage you to check out the Radio Riel Sponsorship Program. In short, in exchange for a monthly sponsorship, we will broadcast a brief message about your support and how to contact your business several times a day on all five of our streams.

The daily programming on Radio Riel is provided gratis by that day’s programmer. We have regular ongoing costs for stream rental, venue rental in Second Life, and very modest payments to presenters for events. Please consider making a commitment to our work through a monthly sponsorship. For details, see the link above or contact Gabrielle Riel in Second Life.

Is this a persistent login?

Lo these many, many ages, we’ve been asking why Linden Research, Inc., can’t manage to have a single persistent login across the assorted websites its customers might want to access (secondlife.com, xstreetsl.com, marketplace.secondlife.com, jira.secondlife.com, blogs.secondlife.com, wiki.secondlife.com). Well, they seem to have managed it for SL, xstreet, marketplace, and the blogs, but not the jira or wiki.

On the other hand, I now have to log in *every* *single* *time*.