I DJ an eccentric and entertaining mix of music from a wide variety of genres. My specialties include Scandinavian and Balkan music, other world and roots music, covers, contemporary LGBTQI artists, and 80s pop music.

You can get notices about my upcoming gigs through a Second Life in-world group or a subscrib-o-matic list that doesn’t take a group slot.

My regular gigs:

  • The Musical Magpie, a monthly radio program featuring world, roots, and folk music, second Sundays, 12:30-2pm US Pacific/SLT on Radio Riel and often a listening party in Second Life
  • The Temple, a community dance in Second Life, third Thursdays, 7-8:30pm SLT. Often pop music.  Rosehaven Park in Second Life
  • The Bashful Peacock tea dance in Second Life, fourth Sundays, 3-5pm SLT. This venue extends a special welcome to LGBTQI people. DJ’s choice for the music. The Bashful Peacock in Caledon Wellsian