Beta testing with Pony Linden

At the end of my work day, I read a tweet about the Lindens doing a stress test on the beta grid (aditi). It was past the time stated, but I went anyway. w00t! Lots of lag. Lots of walking and TPing hither and yon. Lots of touching scripted objects across sim boundaries. Some amazing, amazing avatars. And Pony Linden!

Pyramid schemes

I’ve been playing the HUD-based Tiny Empires game in Second Life, in a fairly casual manner (although I am using the Federation version). I came to the party late, and I’ve never tried much to create a downline (“subjects”), but I like the approach taken by Valentine Janus, the leader of New Deseret, the kingdom I belong to. So it’s an amusing diversion.

The creator of Tiny Empires has come out with a new game, Tiny Empires 3000, and when Val offered the opportunity to try it out, I decided to take her up on it. Similar concept: hierarchies of players amassing property, capital, rank, etc., but this time with a space traders theme. If you’d like to try it out, let me know, and I’m happy to drop a trial HUD on you (also available via the website), and of course I’d be glad to have you join my guild!

Impromptu drumming circle

Every once in a while, I get a conference IM from Beth Odets, sent to all her online contacts, inviting us to drop by for music or other fun. Last night I decided to do the same, and I invited people to join Bromo Ivory and I in Muckle Green Holm, where we were playing with my elven drum set. What fun it turned out to be! Thank you to all who joined us and created such a great time.

Luckily, I had just taken up the gamelan set that I put out in Shapinsay last weekend, because we ended up needing those as well.