Hypergrid Adventurers Club

I finally made it! And it was worth it. Not without quite a few bumps along the way, but I was able to use my ReactionGrid account to get there.

The end destination is a recreation of a Carthusian monastery. Very cool! You can find the chat logs and the instructional notecard at Pathfinder Lester’s blog, “Be Cunning and Full of Tricks.”

Some of the bumps (for those who are interested in trying it):

  • There are two versions of Open Sim in current, wide use, and they have different versions of the hypergrid teleport. So if you are on OSgrid, you can’t (at this time) do a hypergrid teleport to Reaction Grid or Jokaydia (or any of the places Pathfinder is finding and leading people to). Most of the people in the group today seemed to be using accounts at Jokaydia, but at least two of us were using ReactionGrid accounts. You can create an account in either grid.
  • ReactionGrid Help Island has some instant-teleport arches. One of them goes to Jokaydia, but having taken that teleport, I couldn’t search for Pathlandia or see it on the map. I had to go to Scooter, which was just south of the Jokaydia sim I was in, via double-clicking on the map. Once I was on Scooter, I was able to fly one grid north and one west to Pathlandia. Teleporting via the map from Scooter to Pathlandia crashed me.
  • I couldn’t use the instant gate on Pathlandia, but was able to use the hypergrid coordinates Pathfinder provided to teleport via the map to our intermediate destination. Once there, I was still getting the local chat from Pathlandia. I was also alternating between night and day every few seconds (which the others there were not seeing).


Tonight I received my group membership in the gridnauts, and have successfully TPed between Linden Research-owned simulators and Open Sim simulators owned by others. Yay!