Terraforming for fun and profit

I sold my first custom sim terrain yesterday!

[several photos sadly lost]

There are a number of waterways threading their way through the sim.

The fog rose as I was taking photographs. Gives a sense of mystery, doesn’t it?

A vale leading to the waterfront.

A view across the plain towards the highlands.

Linden Research uses the .raw file type to upload or download the terrain for an entire sim. I created this landscape in Photoshop, and then made adjustments in Second Life, using the edit terrain tools. The clients have three pre-existing tenants, so I had to work around their parcels. These photos were taken in Muckle Green Holm, where I will leave the terrain in place for a while.

Adventures with .raw files

Part of the expansion of Orcadia was made possible by a partnership between nox Pinion and I: Muckle Green Holm will house nox’s building efforts in the sky, while the ground level will provide an experimental and sales space for my terrain files.

The current maze in Muckle Green Holm has gotten enough positive comments that I’ve started work on other maze and labyrinth terrains. It’s still somewhat of an experimental process, however, as these photos will attest: