Tartan tools

Last night after the Radio Riel dance at the Rock Factory, the subject of tartans came up. Here are the online resources I’ve found for generating tartans (registered or created new).

World domination

My friend Karen, more or less on a dare, drew an art card of a dragon taking over the world:

It’s lovely as it is, and I also thought that for a banner in the Hatchie home-building competition it might pop with some color. So here’s the violence I’ve done to my dear friend’s artwork (using The Gimp, which I’m slowly learning):

There are now two banners hanging below the doorway of my sky fortress.

My first flexi-prim

The Peace flag hanging from my porch is my first successful flexi-prim. I used a do-it-yourself flag kit, so I had instructions–but it still required a fair bit of tinkering because I was doing a banner-type flag. I made the texture in Photoshop (with some gnashing of teeth), it’s 256px the long way. I can’t tell if it’s a good size for 2.5m, because when I get up close the type is definitely pixelated, but it may be anti-aliasing. I’ll have to try a straight graphic, I guess.


I realized while reading Second Life: The Official Guide this morning that I can stretch one dimension of a texture to fit the factor-of-two square for uploading, and then take care of it in the object texture tiling controls. (Although the stretching/compressing effects of either The Gimp or SL may end up having a negative effect on the final image.)

And I really need to find out how large a surface in SL a 512pix will adequately cover.

(The book, by the way, is pretty good. It skims over a few things, but it provides a comprehensive overview so far. I’m just starting the chapter on LSL.)