Voices in the Machine

Check out the debut episode of Radio Riel’s new podcast, Voices in the Machine. As co-producer with Gabrielle Riel, I’m very excited about this new effort. Our format for the bi-weekly shows will include a guest interview, cast discussion of news and events of interest to Steampunks and neo-Victorians in virtual worlds, and viewer opinions.

The regular cast is Gabrielle Riel, Edward Pearse, Fuschia Begonia, and Nix Sands. In this first episode, they each spend a few minutes introducing themselves.Our first guest is her Lyonesse, Kamilah Hauptmann, Vicereine of the Independent State of Caledon, and the hot topic is open space sims.

You can listen to this episode or download a variety of formats at archive.org.

We welcome feedback and listener opinion pieces. Send us an email at podcast@radioriel.org, and we will arrange to record you reading your contribution, or a staff member can read it for you.