Consulate Games Day

The Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach is having a games day, and there are several events I’d like to draw to your attention:

I’ll be DJing the opening ball today at 12 noon SLT at Castle Wulfenbach.

There’s an ice-sculpture speed-building contest tomorrow from 11am-noon SLT, with a registration deadline of today at noon—so there’s still time to enter! Details here.

There is an En Garde tournament, with both team and individual competitions, and a closing ball DJed by Miss Cerise Blackheart tomorrow at 3pm SLT. Full schedule here.

Thank you!

Many thanks to all who helped make my belated rez-day party an event to remember! I had such a wonderful time.

I heard Mr. Rudo Gynoid DJ for the Confederation of Democratic Sims event at last weekend’s Grand Tour, and I enjoyed his mix of middle-European folk waltzes, polkas, and some delightful yodels. And so I asked him to DJ for my party, with a mix of world music, and he surpassed my wildest hopes. He introduced me to a number of Balkan and Klezmer musicians with whom I wasn’t familiar.

And my request that guests limit themselves to system clothes and hair or retexture attachments with the plywood texture resulted in a low-lag party, even with more than 20 avatars in close quarters. Even Captain Trenton, who has been increasingly unable to attend social events in Second Life due to technical limitations, was able to join us.

I shall single out one guest in particular who took my suggestions to their logical, and in this case, lovely, conclusion.

[lost image of Frau Lowey in plywood, head to toe, skin to clothing]

Yes, yes it is a plywood-textured prim skirt. It looks rather like moth-wings to me. And here Frau Lowey is in close-up, where you can see her plywood-textured glasses, hair, and, yes, skin.

Hat contest

Inspired by my friends in the Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach, I wish to announce a CONTEST for best hat. Because, of course, one can never have too many hats.

Two competitive divisions:

Tipjar hats

  • 30 points for ostentation
  • 30 for cleverness of thank you reply
  • 30 for special effects
  • 10 at judges’ discretion
  • Please note that points will be deducted for tipjar hats deemed unusable.

Hats to wear

  • 30 points for ostentation
  • 30 for versatility
  • 30 for special effects
  • 10 at judges’ discretion
  • Please note that points will be deducted for hats deemed easily lost (because, of course, any plan where you lose your hat is a bad plan.)
  • Hats should be gender-role-free
  • Two classes: Tiny and Tall

To enter

Hats should be named “tipjar – contestant name,” “tiny – contestant name,” or “tall – contestant name” and dropped on the judges, Otenth Paderborn, Frau Annechen Lowey, and Baron KlausWulfenbach Outlander, no later than Friday, October 10. Entries should be copiable, and in the case of hats to wear, modifiable, but need not be transferable. Contestants may enter in multiple classes.


Winners will be announced here and at an event to be held Saturday, October 11 (12-2pm SLT at the Wyre Fairgrounds; winner need not be present to win). Cash prizes will be awarded:

  • L$ 1000 to highest scoring tipjar
  • L$ 1000 to highest scoring wearable hat for tinies
  • L$ 1000 to highest scoring wearable hat for talls
  • L$ 1000 to contestant with highest combined total score
  • L$ 1000 to highest scoring entry