The official word on voice in SL

Joe Linden has a post on the official Linden blog: Bringing Voice to Second Life «

For me, Second Life has always been more about human communication, collaboration, and spirit than about technology. When I talk to Residents about their experiences, one of the recurring themes is improving our communication methods. For so many, Second Life is a place to make and meet new friends and collaborate with others, whether that’s in a business, educational or purely social context.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Talk to the hand. I do not consider this a feature in my typical use of SL. The improvements in live entertainment do seem attractive, and I can see the usefulness for group events (like church services). But I don’t want to have to hear people blabbing when I’m in SL. The sound effects some bozos run are bad enough. I strongly disapprove of a new voice capacity being automatically enabled on the mainland.

I’m also very concerned about the effect on communication between people who do not share a first language. Written communication in a second language is often far superior to vocal communication. And then there are the deaf and hard of hearing. What happens when someone tries to use voice communication with them?

I guess someone will have to create a group that will provide a title “I can’t hear you.”

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  1. I think one thing that is so special about SL is how inclusive it is to people who have difficulty communicating normally (autistics, the deaf, people with social anxiety) – the medium can break the ice.

    When voice is available, it will change the medium, and I cannot say how it will change, but if it is forced upon us in SL I am hopeful that it will only be an adjunct rather than a primary means of communication.

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