Surveying the neighborhood 2

Karthos 128,112,47 – Standard setup, covenant “This island is being developed as Wooded/Oceanfront themed.” Large parcels, with very different themes, nice builds, good texturing. Volcano in the center of the sim. 4 avies present in sim.

Porto Cervo 130,152,43 – Commercial telehub, stores all empty. 80 agents, double prims, estate sun. Harbour build with restricted access. Most of sim empty. Terrain flat sand, with some water areas with surf.

Wyre 59,196,23 – And that is that for the SW and NW quadrants in the first ring of map screens. I’ll go ahead and start on the next ring of maps, starting with the NNW quadrant.

California 122,106,29 – An empty, fresh out of the box sim.

Coral Sea 101,98,24 – closest sim of a mini-continent, this void sim is all water.

Empress Augusta Bay 104,29,34 – Another water void sim, this one showing clear signs of being set up for sailing races.

Bismarck Sea 33,186,35 – Now this void sim is more interesting–it has an object bonus of 8.5, and there’s a small island on the NW corner with a very attractive maritime building. There’s one person in the sim.

Spoke the owner of the void ocean sims, Svar Beckersted. He says the NYC organizes races there. The center sim of the square of 9 is a full sim, Vella Lavella, which he says is closed to visitors.

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  1. I visited the sims in this post, and have to thank you for this post. The owner of the sim kindly gave me permission to rez my ironclads in his waters, and sail around banging away to my heart’s content.

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