Harvest festival events in Caledon Murdann

To all my fellow neo-Victorians of Second Life, I bid you welcome to the Maritime Duchy of Murdann in the Firth of Caledon, for events celebrating the Harvest Festival in Caledon and Steelhead, Sunday 9 September through Saturday 15 September. These are the events to be held in the Maritime Duchy of Murdann:

Sunday, 9 September
9 AM-6PM SLT: Tree-felling.
A variety of species, suitable for transplantation, will be marked for removal in order to create a more livable space. Guests are requested to take no more than two trees each. (Right-click and buy for L$0, then take the plant.) The Murdann Thorn tree is native to no other region of Second Life.

Tuesday, 11 September
8PM-11PM SLT: Caledon Sailing and Steam Society opening events.
After welcoming remarks, there will be Tako racing from Murdann to the Sound and back, followed by steam racing.

Wednesday, 12 September
7PM-8PM SLT: Tako Races, Murdann to the Sound and return
8PM-9PM SLT: Steamboat 3 Lap Races ‘Caledon Cup’

Saturday, 15 September
6AM-8AM SLT: Buggy races
The races will take place on an elevated track. A teleporter to the track will be on the dock. Any model of buggy, carriage, or wagon welcome.

Yrs, etc.

Otenth Paderborn
Duke of Murdann

Caledon Murdann/89/120/22