Harvest festivals and mazes

The Caledon/Steelhead Harvest Festival began today. I opened Murdann to tree-felling. I have no way of tracking who took trees, but several of my friends have told me they took trees, and the island is definitely a bit clearer now.

Steelhead hosted a horse race, and I now have a saddle horse, Fróði (“Peace”). No photos yet. There are prize pumpkins hidden all around Steelhead, and it’s great fun looking for them. There’s also a corn maze:

Miss Lumina Elvehjem then gave me a landmark to Falln’s Corn Maze, which is very extensive and quite wonderful. (This maze is in the sky above a fantasy RP sim that uses a telehub. You’ll need a flight assist to fly up. Try not to peek at the maze as you navigate to the beacon.)