Buggy (?) races in Murdann

The buggy races in Caledon Murdann ended up a success&emdash;although less for the buggy part than for the race (and silliness) part.

Miss Diamanda Gustafson and I took a couple of turns, first she in a Stanhope carriage by Miss Virrginia Tombola and I in a carriage from AKK. The Stanhope left the AKK so far in the dust that Miss Gustafson declared it an unfair win. We tried it again in matched Stanhopes, and this time she was not only the clear, but also the fair winner.

And then the silliness began, as more people were able to make it. First there was Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy’s seahorse carriage, which was, sadly, even slower than the AKK though quite as stylish and not a little spectacular.

At some point a Ford-style vehicle (a freebie by Aimee Weber) was added to the mix, and before long everyone had one.

Miss Gustafson

Lord Primbroke dared to be different. . .
and eventually decided on an attractive red number (click for larger version).

The automobiles were just on the edge of being too fast for the track, and indeed at one point we were all flung to the depths (or heights) before the sim crashed. I had descended to -37,000+ meters before SL booted me, saying the sim was going down.

Hotspur O’Toole and his red mechanical beast:

Also making appearances were a pennyfarthing and a blitter (which did fairly well, actually).

Finally, there was a lap on a variety of animal conveyances (my yak, which seemed to have a mind of its own, is facing backwards in this photo). Click for a larger version.

I had originally thought I would dismantle the track after today, but was encouraged to leave it. I will certainly do so for the time being and will attempt to reduce its prim count by using huge prims instead of standard ones. If you TP to Caledon Murdann, there is a local TP device at the telehub, or you can fly to just over 500m.