Miles Van Der Rohe?

While not yet in Second Life, I got an email telling me that:

The object ‘Einladung zur bizMart Adventsaktion’ in Second Life has offered you inventory.
Log in to accept to decline this inventory.

= Einladung zur bizMart Adventsaktion is owned by Architect Miles

Suspecting advertising spam (a scourge still in its infancy in Second Life, but on the rise), I did a search on “architect miles”. Nothing that would help me figure out who he is, but a distressing number of results for this:

Designed by legendary modern architect Miles Van Der Rohe

One Reply to “Miles Van Der Rohe?”

  1. More spam in today’s email from Second Life. This time it’s ‘Auto Sender’ owned by Architect Amat, sending another object I will refuse, with an slurl to the same place as the previous spam, bizMart.

    This time I will file an abuse report.

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