Meme in the making?

Dandellion at Living in the Metaverse has a great idea: » Let’s Make The Grid Performing A Bit Better, Please

Shall we? Stop whining about things are not smooth as we wish. We all know they are not. Let’s do something about that. Consider that an ecology action. If each of us spend ten minutes and delete all the trash that clutters our inventories…

The basic idea is that cleaning up our inventories will help ease the load on asset servers and improve our client performance. She suggests starting with

  • freebies
  • old landmarks
  • notecards
  • “floating text” scripts
  • earlier versions of your own builds
  • lost and found items
  • demos

She is encouraging people to comment on her post with the number of items they’ve deleted.

3 Replies to “Meme in the making?”

  1. I agree! Although it doesn’t always help that LMs and notecards go straight to it now creating even more invent clutter. I had always wondered if my ginormous inventory was dragging me a bit…

  2. I know I will delete LMs and floating text scripts as par for the course when I open a purchase. Very rarely I’ll drop the LM into the collection of folders within the KM list.

    That said I think most of my LMs are drasticly out of date (I think I have one from Prim & Proper when it was in the Cay) Very tempted to dump the whole folder and start from scratch.

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