Caledon Mardi Gras parade

Last night saw a wonderful, silly, lag-filled, chaotic, creative event: a Caledon Mardi Gras parade (yes, held on the Friday after Mardi Gras, which is to say, during Lent). Radio Riel had a float (dancers on the skirt of Gabi’s dress). Here are a few photos I managed to get.

This is us in the chaos that was the staging area in Tanglewood. Over 60 avatars and a number of floats, all clustered around the telehub. At the left, you can see Admiral Wind’s New Toulouse float.

And this is us with onlookers somewhere on the road along northern Caledon.

I entitled this shot “Gabi, we hardly knew ye.” Sim crossings, as you might imagine, were a terror, as were narrow places. The float consisted of a vehicle base, which Gabi was driving and which incorporated the passenger dance balls, that sometimes got stuck on visible or invisible protuberances along the route. Then there was an attachment that provided the flounces and streamers for the float. Lastly, there were prim elements of Gabi’s personal outfit. These are a phantom copy of the attachments, apparently positioned as attached to her, well, um, you can see that for yourself. At the time I snapped this, Gabi was standing a few meters away wearing not only her personal prim attachments (in the correct spots), but also the float attachment.