Amazing map sims

I visited an absolutely amazing set of sims devoted to the map collection of David Rumsey. These photos can’t begin to do it justice, and I simply must go back to explore more fully.

Here you can see the topographic maps of Yosemite used on a 3D topography of Yosemite (to scale), which fills four sims. I am standing on the observation deck just to the left of center in the photo, which is situated at the intersection of the sims. In the distance you can see two globes, which have orreries inside them. (Click on the photo for a larger version.)

Sitting on the orrery inside the celestial globe. You can see me to the left of the sign.

Another shot inside the celestial globe. Although it has rotated, you can still find me sitting on the orrery.

(A tip of the hat to NPIRL.)

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  1. I discovered this amazing sim last night, and spent well over an hour there. I fell in love with the giant globes. Simply amazing.

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