Steampunk Exploration, take 2

My Steampunk Exploration playlist last week for Radio Riel was over 24 hours long, so no one heard it all. And we still haven’t answered the question, “What exactly is Steampunk music?”

Performer self-identification? Minor key and moody vocals? Retro-futurism? Appropriation of historic styles? Subject matter? Fan appreciation? DJ whim? Unusual instrumentation? Eccentricity? Goth musicians looking for a niche? Do-it-yourselfism? All of the above? Other?

Perhaps it isn’t possible to say what exactly Steampunk music is. Today’s playlist has been changed slightly from last week, notably by the addition of Corvus Corax.

Have a listen today and create your own definition—and feel free to leave comments below or at the Radio Riel post with your opinions.

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