2 Replies to “RL/SL exhibit in Victoriana”

  1. That’s the same exact concept my councilor Eladrienne Laval did with the Steelhead buildings several months ago in the making of her museum in Steelhead Harborside, lovely concept. I’m glad to see her work has inspired other’s to follow her example.

    – TotalLunar Eclipse

  2. I was happy to see this mentioned in your blog as it is one of my favorite things to visit in SL. I have the pleasure of owning land beside the Exhibition Hall so I enjoy strolling over on a regular basis.

    I had no idea that the buildings in Steelhead were inspired by RL buildings, as a great fan of architecture I shall have to explore that museum!

    I have always admired Miss Laval’s clothing and it is no secret that I am a loyal citizen of Victoriana and great admirer of Mayor Lindsay’s work as well.

    In response to the other comment, I suppose I could mention that this exhibit is a continuation of the mini exhibit Mr Lindsay did during the Victoriana Yulefest in July of 2008 but that would be petty. I have the highest regard for both Miss Laval and Mr. Lindsay and highly doubt either of them think they invented the concept of museums, rl inspired buildings or the ‘snapshot’ button on their SL client.

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