Celebrating a community treasure

It will be my pleasure to DJ for the Palm Court Tea Dance at the Bashful Peacock, Sunday May 23, 3-5pm SLT. I started wondering just how long Sir Rudolfo has been hosting these events “for ladies and gentlemen who prefer the company of ladies and gentlemen, respectively,” and the earliest mention I found was a Radio Riel blog post on April 13, 2008. I’m very sorry we have not marked the second anniversary of these events!

In spite of other events in Caledon having been scheduled against the Tea Dance, I anticipate the same wonderful company and witty banter as always. Please do join us!

One Reply to “Celebrating a community treasure”

  1. I can remember the announcement of the first dance, and how pleased I felt to live in a community of such wonderful diversity. Like so many other events in Caledon, I have not attended as many as I would like due to my schedule – but it is an ongoing goal 🙂
    Congratulations to Sir Rudolpho for continuing to host such fun events!

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