Fashion show at BardHaven

Caledon Mayfair 48,90,23 – Fashion show at the BardHaven estate, designs by sachi Vixen, including two new gowns. The models are ladies from Caledon, wearing Adam n Eve skins, hair, eyes, and shoes.

Caledon Mayfair 48,90,23 – One of the hair designs is Victoriana, and I intend to look at it in the store. Sadly, it was not well fitted during the show.

Caledon Mayfair 48,90,23 – The models are having attachment problems, and we have been requested to removed radar and HUDs, so this will be my last live post on the show.

Caledon titles

(Edit 14 July: There is now a Caledon titles page on the slhistory wiki, where you can make corrections, additions, and deletions.)

At one of the recent dances in Caledon, there was a brief conversation about titles and forms of address in Caledon. There was some jesting about Burke’s Peerage or Begonia’s Peepage. Baron Bardhaven stated that there aren’t that many titled personalities in Caledon, so I went ætherically hunting. And he’s right, or at least, I couldn’t find many.

While it’s all just fun and games, with a little role-playing here, a little prentension there, and a good dash of healthy fantasy life, the use of titles does do one thing, which I believe we must have a care about: Titles, especially for those who are new or who do not know the titles being bandied about, create a sense of an in-group. Now I believe that all groups have boundaries (some permeable, some semi-permeable, some closed), and that individuals can be closer or farther from the center. But I also believe that the common hope of all Caledonians is that our society will be free, open, and inviting.

In the spirit of making Caledonian society more open and inviting as regards formal address, having consulted the fine, though brief, histories available at the Caledon Forums and the slhistory wiki (which appears to be down at this writing), done some cursory searches of the æthernet, and paid attention at a couple of recent parties, I venture this very rough draft of the residents and friends of the Independent State of Caledon who affect titles. I encourage all those who read this to offer correction, addition, and commentary. When I am a bit more confident of the list, I shall add it to the slhistory wiki and submit it to the editor of the Caledon Forums for appropriate placement.

(Forms of address, where I know a preference or general practice, are noted in parentheses. Sir Edward Pearse has begun a series of notes on forms of address.)


  • Guvnah Desmond Shang (Guvnah, Des)


  • Khashai Steinbeck, First Steward of Caledon
  • Sir Gerami Fizz
  • Princesa Yuiko Muromachi
  • Vicereine Kamilah Hauptmann, Last Steward of Caledon


  • Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel, Duchess of Carntaigh (Your Grace)
  • Her Grace, Eva Bellambi, Duchess Loch Avie (Your Grace)
  • Her Grace, CoyoteAngel Dimsum, Duchess of Primverness, Baroness Lovelace, Defender of the Faith(less), Keeper of the Light (Beer), Speaker to Machines
  • Her Grace, Kamilah Hauptmann, Duchess of Lionsgate
  • ?? Shenlei Flasheart (former Duchess of Loch Avie)


  • Ordinal Malaprop, Knight of Caledon
  • Leosanni Somme, Knight of Caledon

Titled Caledonians

  • Baron of Bauerhoff Gottfried Eusebio
  • Amber Palowakski, 15th Baroness of Bauerhoff de Caledon (Lady Amber, My Lady)
  • Zealot Benmergui, Baron Bardhaven (Lord Bardhaven, Baron Bardhaven)
  • Kirawill Collingwood, Baroness Bardhaven (Lady Bardhaven, Baroness Bardhaven)
  • Hermione Fussbudget, Baroness Wyre (Miss Fussbudget, Baroness Wyre, Lady Wyre)
  • Lady Pym Sartre
  • Lady Lavendar Beaumont
  • Sir Edward Pearse (Sir Edward)
  • Christine McAllister, Lady Pearse (Lady Pearse)
  • Sir ZenMondo Wormser, Order of the Red Rose (Sir ZenMondo, Sir Zen)
  • Sir Telemachus Dean, Order of the Red Rose (Sir Telemachus, Sir Tele)
  • Sir Adso Krogstad, Order of the Red Rose (Sir Adso)
  • Sir Amplebeak Tinlegs (Sir Amplebeak)

Foreign titles

  • Her Majesty Kendra Bancroft, Kaiserin von Neualtenburg
  • His Serenity Otenth Paderborn, Jarl of Orcadia (Otenth; Your Serenity if you absolutely must on formal occasions: it’s an old germanic influence)

Military rank

(I confess to confusion and inability to keep up. The following is so woefully incomplete I hesitate to even reveal it. Won’t someone else, I beg of you, take up this gauntlet?)

  • Major Erasmus Margulis
  • Captain Lapin Paris
  • Admiral Carricre Wind
  • Colonel/Post-Captain Hotspur O’Toole
  • Colonel Exrex Somme

Arrr, there be pirates in Caledon!

The inimitable Duchess of Carntaigh outdid herself last night with pirate-themed music that got the crowd all riled up at a SLRFL fundraiser last night in Caledon Carntaigh. The other hostesses were Miss Fuschia Begonia and Miss Lapin Paris. I dare say a good time was had by all.

The dance animations worked surprisingly well with sword in hand. Luckily, no harm came to any of the scurvy, rum-swilling dogs that were present.

And oh, yes–I won an auction for two hours of DJing by Gabriel Riel, the Duchess of Carntaigh. Woot! There’ll be a party in Wyre. Stay tuned!

Speaking out against the war with Neualtenburg

Today I have sent this letter to the Caledon Forums:

Dear friends and neighbors,

I have today come to the conclusion that I can no longer support Caledon’s military activities. While the original goals are nothing but laudable, and many of you have poured untold hours of heart and soul into the activities of the current situation, I have chosen to visit abroad with my cousin Mr Paderborn until Caledon returns to a state of peace.

Perhaps it may be that I will find a way to contribute to the larger cause by taking some humanitarian role, and I may return from time to time for functions that are purely social in nature.

I look forward to the day when Caledon becomes once again a place of uncomplicated peace and contentment, and I return to my home in Tamrannoch, and to my lakeside cabin in the Highlands.

Yrs, etc.

Miss Hermione Fussbudget

(My typist also has some additional remarks on role-playing.)

Events become less confusing

The machinima at Oolon Sputnik’s 500 Year Diary: Secret Policemens Ball is a fine result of Saturday night’s events. It shows considerable creativity, as do the swirling intrigues and drama being carried forward on various Caledon blogs. In addition, Mr Zealot Benmergui very graciously stepped out of character on the Caledon Forums to help out the clueless such as myself, and Guvnah Shang himself posted to the Forums to reassure residents.