Fashion show at BardHaven

Caledon Mayfair 48,90,23 – Fashion show at the BardHaven estate, designs by sachi Vixen, including two new gowns. The models are ladies from Caledon, wearing Adam n Eve skins, hair, eyes, and shoes.

Caledon Mayfair 48,90,23 – One of the hair designs is Victoriana, and I intend to look at it in the store. Sadly, it was not well fitted during the show.

Caledon Mayfair 48,90,23 – The models are having attachment problems, and we have been requested to removed radar and HUDs, so this will be my last live post on the show.

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  1. Sir Edward, I have been trying out Miss Ordinal Malaprop’s SLurlBlogger, and it inserts an SLurl at the beginning of each entry, each of which corresponds to a single chat command (something I should have realized but did not at the time). It is obviously not well-suited to liveblogging a fashion-show!

    Sadly, blogHUD, another SL blogging tool, will not accept any endpoint except x m l r p c . p h p, which my web host, like many others, does not recognize, out of security concerns.

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