In my bag

  • 22,026 items as of 10 March 2011
  • oldest item in “objects” folder: Flashlight v2.0 MC by Ali Maltz, acquired 20 November 2006

And in my handy *Tea & Srychnine* Explorer’s Satchel:

In my bag 2

  • maps
  • spare change
  • telescope
  • book

Tea & Strychnine Explorer Bag

  • tea bags & cup
  • watch/compass combo
  • keys
  • trowel
  • magnifying glass
  • vial of cavorite gas
  • butterfly net

Blog goals

  • to rant!
  • to publicize some of my activities (DJing and parties, for instance)
  • to greet friends
  • to share interesting and beautiful places and things in Second Life

Least favorite words

  • Lag
  • Linden Labs (It’s “Linden Lab” or Linden Research, Inc.”)
  • Loading
  • Unknown
  • Drama
  • “Your inventory item X has been returned due to parcel auto-return.”

Weekend goals

  • furnish Ormsby Hall
  • choose skybox for sekrit Mainland hideaway
  • launch “Opera with Otenth” on Radio Riel Sunday at 9am SLT with Don Giovanni
  • check out the flea market in Steelhead Shanghai and put out a couple of books for sale
  • dabble in the Steam hunt

I am looking forward to . . .

  • Rereading all of Mr Trollope’s Barsetshire and Palliser novels
  • Planting the gardens at Ormsby Hall in Caledon Mayfair
  • Presenting the “Opera with Otenth” programs on Radio Riel (first Sunday of each month, 9am SLT: that’s this Sunday! Don Giovanni!)
  • Being able to depend on group chat (well, we all need to have some unrealistic hopes)
  • Being able to run a sim from home (believe it or not, more realistic than the previous item)

Things I’m good at

  • Figuring out where to tinker with a script to make it do what I want
  • Terraforming
  • Using the mouse and keyboard to cam around and to manipulate objects
  • Finding unusual music
  • Deconstructing modifiable objects in order to trim prims
  • Creating texture files for books

A few things about me

The typist found an aetherwebs enthusiasm which consists of thirty days of prompts for creating lists and decided it might be an interesting exercise to do here. We shall see.

  • I have an undeveloped sim on the OSGrid although I no longer rent one in Second Life.
  • I terribly neglect my household, rarely allowing them to see or to be seen by others.
  • Although I’ve been on the grid for over four years, and even participate from time to time in hunts, my inventory is fewer than 25,000 items.
  • I have hundreds of animations I haven’t bothered to organize or select for specific AOs or dance machines.
  • I go hair shopping every six months or so, but still wear the hair I decided on over three years ago.