Who am I?

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you had added the feed to a reader at some point in the past. It certainly hasn’t been because of scintillating recent posts! But in the spirit of new beginnings, here’s a bit of reintroduction and redirection.

Otenth Paderborn came into existence in November 2006 when the typist had a particularly persistent cold that kept him home from work and bored. So I tried out the new thing, Second Life. I joined at the beginning of the first major swell of publicity. In the years since, my interest has waxed and waned. It is currently waxing. I am once again renting Caledon Murdann (albeit in a different location than its original placement). After some months of being rather bored with DJing, I’m once again acquiring new music, am in the process of organizing my music library in a new system, and have had a couple of tea dance events at the Bashful Peacock that have been really fun, both to prepare and at the event.

[data loss: there used to be a column of photos of some alts here.]

And who are all these other people?

Well, sometimes it’s hard to tell. But part of my current adventure in Second Life is to delve a bit deeper into the relationships between Otenth, the typist, and these other people. And there are more! Sadly neglected, with no suitable portraits. Clearly a fertile and fallow field of exploration. Perhaps in due time their stories will be told here as well.


I decided to browse some of the other blogs on the Second Effects blog list. And I discovered that I should be reading hair blogs for more laughter in my life!

The Rococo Fantastico style costs $450L for a color changing, bow changing, flower changing, style changing wig. The color choices include: honey blond, light blond, platinum, strawberry, copper, fiery red, dark auburn, burgundy, black, blue black, off black, grey, brunette, coffee, light brown, dark brown, green, blue, lavender, pink.

You really must go see the photos of Rococo Fantastico.

Thank you!

Many thanks to all who helped make my belated rez-day party an event to remember! I had such a wonderful time.

I heard Mr. Rudo Gynoid DJ for the Confederation of Democratic Sims event at last weekend’s Grand Tour, and I enjoyed his mix of middle-European folk waltzes, polkas, and some delightful yodels. And so I asked him to DJ for my party, with a mix of world music, and he surpassed my wildest hopes. He introduced me to a number of Balkan and Klezmer musicians with whom I wasn’t familiar.

And my request that guests limit themselves to system clothes and hair or retexture attachments with the plywood texture resulted in a low-lag party, even with more than 20 avatars in close quarters. Even Captain Trenton, who has been increasingly unable to attend social events in Second Life due to technical limitations, was able to join us.

I shall single out one guest in particular who took my suggestions to their logical, and in this case, lovely, conclusion.

[lost image of Frau Lowey in plywood, head to toe, skin to clothing]

Yes, yes it is a plywood-textured prim skirt. It looks rather like moth-wings to me. And here Frau Lowey is in close-up, where you can see her plywood-textured glasses, hair, and, yes, skin.

Well-deserved notice

Rez Magazine has a nice interview with June Dion and Tori Heart of Barerose, one of the great fashion and costume locations in the virtual world.

June Dion produces a wide range of clothing for both men and women, all at highly affordable prices. One thing that sets Barerose apart from the rest, apart from their long standing in the sl community, is the high standard of design on the textures, along with the variety of styles and colours contained in each pack.

Dating for dollars

Linden dollars, that is, in contributions to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life in Second Life. This Sunday I will be privileged to have a date auctioned off.

I had the pleasure of having my portrait done by Mr Jaksoi Pak for the auction vendors:

Overcome by fabulousness

Last night while acting as the Radio Riel host for a treehousewarming party for the Davies clan in Steelhead Harborside, I was quite overcome by fabulousness. (No, not mine, the home’s and the assembled company’s!) Luckily for me, Miss Myfanwy Davies was prepared to assist not only her guests but her event staff:

Just for the sake of a modicum of self-defense regarding the outfit, I plead temporary insanity by virtue of being egged on in Caledon state chat by Lady Edwina Heron and Lady Diamanda Gustafson earlier in the day. (The Caledon Second Anniversary treasure hunt prepared by said ladies and their minions being an enormous success and the occasion for the foolish chatter on the state channel.)

I’m sorry not to have gotten a photo that would do justice to the tiara and <ahem> lovely hair sent to me by Lady Edwina to accompany the tutu, similarly gifted. I was also holding a rather large, winged steampunk wand for most of the evening.

Elle visits Wyre

I had the great pleasure of giving my friend Elle a carriage ride around Wyre. We sat for a while on the bluffs in the northeast of the island and had a good talk. For once, I remembered to take a few pictures!

New World Notes: Ophelia’s Gaze: Iris’ Top 10 Hottest Male SL Avatars for ’07

There was a recent, small kerfuffle in the [our favorite virtual world] fashionista ranks when someone “proclaimed a dearth of beautiful men of [our favorite virtual world].” And so we have New World Notes: Ophelia’s Gaze: Iris’ Top 10 Hottest Male SL Avatars for ’07.

What I like most may be what someone else likes least in a male avatar, that’s a given.

You said it, doll. What we have on Iris Ophelia’s list are boys, not men.