Overcome by fabulousness

Last night while acting as the Radio Riel host for a treehousewarming party for the Davies clan in Steelhead Harborside, I was quite overcome by fabulousness. (No, not mine, the home’s and the assembled company’s!) Luckily for me, Miss Myfanwy Davies was prepared to assist not only her guests but her event staff:

Just for the sake of a modicum of self-defense regarding the outfit, I plead temporary insanity by virtue of being egged on in Caledon state chat by Lady Edwina Heron and Lady Diamanda Gustafson earlier in the day. (The Caledon Second Anniversary treasure hunt prepared by said ladies and their minions being an enormous success and the occasion for the foolish chatter on the state channel.)

I’m sorry not to have gotten a photo that would do justice to the tiara and <ahem> lovely hair sent to me by Lady Edwina to accompany the tutu, similarly gifted. I was also holding a rather large, winged steampunk wand for most of the evening.

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