Introducing World Wednesdays

I’m happy (and somewhat daunted) to announce that the premiere episode of World Wednesdays, a new weekly one-hour show on Radio Riel, will be tomorrow, January 7, 2009, at 6 pm SLT in Wyre. The show will be broadcast on Please join us or listen as you are able. A program schedule will be publicized on the Radio Riel calendar.

For this first show, I will be playing a variety of Klezmer and Klezmer-inspired musicians.

Old-timey party for Eugenia Burton

It is my great pleasure and privilege to have been asked to DJ for a party in honor of Miss Eugenia Burton’s rez day. I’m assembling some great old bluegrass and country-western music, and you can expect some big band and modern interpretations as well. We’ll be dancing today, January 3, from 4 to 7 pm SLT at The Justice League Adventurers’ Club (SLurl). Please join us, but if you can’t make it, you can listen at

Thank you!

Many thanks to all who helped make my belated rez-day party an event to remember! I had such a wonderful time.

I heard Mr. Rudo Gynoid DJ for the Confederation of Democratic Sims event at last weekend’s Grand Tour, and I enjoyed his mix of middle-European folk waltzes, polkas, and some delightful yodels. And so I asked him to DJ for my party, with a mix of world music, and he surpassed my wildest hopes. He introduced me to a number of Balkan and Klezmer musicians with whom I wasn’t familiar.

And my request that guests limit themselves to system clothes and hair or retexture attachments with the plywood texture resulted in a low-lag party, even with more than 20 avatars in close quarters. Even Captain Trenton, who has been increasingly unable to attend social events in Second Life due to technical limitations, was able to join us.

I shall single out one guest in particular who took my suggestions to their logical, and in this case, lovely, conclusion.

[lost image of Frau Lowey in plywood, head to toe, skin to clothing]

Yes, yes it is a plywood-textured prim skirt. It looks rather like moth-wings to me. And here Frau Lowey is in close-up, where you can see her plywood-textured glasses, hair, and, yes, skin.

Bashful Peacock

I was privileged this evening to present music at the Bashful Peacock for Mr Rudolfo Woodget’s Palm Court Tea Dance series. This was my first time presenting for this event, and I had a wonderful time. I took as my goal to create a coherent playlist using only gay, lesbian, and bisexual performers. (I included groups when one or more members met the criteria.) was invaluable in identifying some performers to round out musical styles.

The first section of the evening was traditional folk music. I leaned heavily upon Ashley MacIsaac, a Cape Breton fiddler, and The Klezmatics, from their Woody Guthrie album Wonder Wheel. The middle section was Bessie Smith, Noel Coward, and Cole Porter. I finished off with a set of contemporary music anchored by k.d. lang.

All in all, a wonderful event with congenial company. I look forward to my next engagement at Mr Woodget’s establishment.

Steampunk Exploration, take 2

My Steampunk Exploration playlist last week for Radio Riel was over 24 hours long, so no one heard it all. And we still haven’t answered the question, “What exactly is Steampunk music?”

Performer self-identification? Minor key and moody vocals? Retro-futurism? Appropriation of historic styles? Subject matter? Fan appreciation? DJ whim? Unusual instrumentation? Eccentricity? Goth musicians looking for a niche? Do-it-yourselfism? All of the above? Other?

Perhaps it isn’t possible to say what exactly Steampunk music is. Today’s playlist has been changed slightly from last week, notably by the addition of Corvus Corax.

Have a listen today and create your own definition—and feel free to leave comments below or at the Radio Riel post with your opinions.

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Impromptu drumming circle

Every once in a while, I get a conference IM from Beth Odets, sent to all her online contacts, inviting us to drop by for music or other fun. Last night I decided to do the same, and I invited people to join Bromo Ivory and I in Muckle Green Holm, where we were playing with my elven drum set. What fun it turned out to be! Thank you to all who joined us and created such a great time.

Luckily, I had just taken up the gamelan set that I put out in Shapinsay last weekend, because we ended up needing those as well.