Live from the Wyrm hatching

I’ve been on Cathedral for a couple of hours already, waiting for the midnight (Linden time!) hatching of Daryth Kennedy’s Wyrms. I still can’t decide between the Spirit and Royal Wyrms!

By all accounts the noon hatching was a chaotic nightmare–the sim was burdened and LL was having some problems as well, as I hear. Daryth & co. had a backup plan, which entailed buying a red box, but some people seem not to have heard (or paid attention) to the instruction to buy it. Sometime after Daryth said “Go” the sim crashed. There was a big crowd in Limbo for quite a while until things began to get sorted out.

So now I’m sitting here, along with about forty others. Here’s some of the crowd (many “away”):

And here’s the Grand HedgeWyrm herself, Daryth Kennedy (in one of her many guises so far tonight):