Another new me

I decided I wanted a better skin than the “Hot n Hairy” one I bought early on, and I also wanted prim hair that worked well with the skin. So after trying lots of demos, I decided on “Dusky hairy” by Max (available only in brown) and two hair styles from Naughty Designs. In this photo I’m wearing “Gabriel’s Hair” in sable.

Close runners-up were “Tawny hairy” and “Tawny red” by Max (if they had a hairy redhead, I’d have gone for it); “Dante” tan and light from Naughty Designs (fewer choices in facial hair and lack of chest hair did them in, although having a crew-cut option was very attractive); and CMFF’s “Hairy Male” and “Hairy Male 2” (which are nice photorealistic skins, but they have no options except a well-done built-in crew-cut). The Naughty Designs hair options were plentiful and well-done, so I pretty much confined my looking to them. Even so, I needed to tweak my head shape a bit (come to find out the shape was doing more than the size to give me a bad fit with this hair).

All in all, I’m happy with the L$4,600 I spent. I may even go back and buy a premade shape from by Max. Although I’m pretty happy with my shape, it’s a bit tall. I’ll live in it with this skin and hair for a while before I try anything else, though.