Quaker land in Quaker

I decided to buy land for the group I created, so that if someone clicks through to a location they can find a space and materials focused on Quakerism, instead of just finding my personal space. So I went searching for 512m2 beside protected land in a PG sim. There are some interesting little spaces out there. None just grabbed me, though.

And then I found it: There’s a sim named “Quaker.” It was fully owned, mostly by two groups, and it’s a Mature sim. But really, how could I not want to have a Quaker space in Quaker? I contacted someone from each of the large landowner groups, and one of them was willing to sell land. I completed the transaction yesterday, and now I’m working on a meetinghouse and benches that will stay under the 117-prim limit. It will be a bit of a challenge to create something that’s attractive.

Here’s the SLURL to Quaker/156/22/31.