Goodbye to Hurricane

Well, I’m just a flip-flopper! I decided to sell my land in Pockwock and just rent instead, and I picked land in a very nice sim, Hurricane, owned by HolyHell Cassell. I created a small hill with a spring and stream, and modified the Rockridge home that I bought:

But I remained ambivalent, and sympathetic to the philosophy of immersion, and also became enamored of the cobblestone roads on the Linden lands in some of the mainland sims. This morning I discovered a sweet parcel in Pruni for sale at quite a reasonable price by Sarah Nerd. Yay Sarah Nerd! She runs a couple of freebie locations and also sells land at really good prices. So here ’tis:

(I own the land to the right, as well as a little slice between the road and the water on the left; I also bought another plot in the opposite corner of the sim.)