Exploring the new neighborhood

I decided to take a walk on the road that runs through my property. My first excursion set out to the northeast and then took every left turn in order to come back around. On my way I found this lovely little roadside church, St. Guilhelm-la-Deuxieme-Vie.

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/or/196/32/89/

2 Replies to “Exploring the new neighborhood”

  1. Hi Otenth, what a lovely church, I shall have to get over there and see it for myself! There seem to be a number of churches being built – my neghbour is constructing a Greek Orthodox church, based on a real one in Naxos. As an ex-Quaker myself, I’d love to see your meeting house – are you planning to model it on a real one?

  2. Been here, it’s gorgeous. St Paul’s Cathedral is quite impressive for the detail, but I love some of the goth sim cathedrals too. You have reminded me, I must get on with putting my SL Christian page up on the web with SLURLS of all the churches and Christian religious sites.

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