More mazes

I found a list of mazes somewhere, and I’ve tried out a few of them this evening:

  • Chamcook/33/141/98 is a very well done, complicated hedge maze. The land is for sale, so perhaps it won’t be around for long.
  • Europa/8/25/28 is really pretty, and very different. The maze is inside a glass-block structure, and instead of solid walls between passages, there are pillars set too close together to move between them. But you can still see through, which is actually rather disorienting.
  • Louise/159/182/36 is an invisible maze. You need to follow the pattern on the ground. It’s a simple maze, but rather meditative.
  • Sami/249/85/34 is a hedge maze. I didn’t really enjoy it; the texture used in the hedge was really disorienting.
  • Avilion Grove/114/64/22 is another very simple hedge maze with romantic poseballs in the center; actually, there are two centers!