Beauty amongst silliness

Mr Mordecai Scaggs reports on the Secret Miranda Society, which was a very silly, and very fun, impromptu happening last Sunday. Mr Scaggs has a number of good photos showing the early progression of the experience. But he goes on to share, “At the height of this silliness there were 30 of us, resplendent in our full Miranda regalia, raving in sync to medieval lute music, much to the amusement of onlookers. This was one of the times I have felt most part of Caledonian society, to be part of such spontaneous tomfoolery is something I shall treasure. My Aspergers means I always feel apart from other people. . .”

Aspergers is not a mental illness, nor is there a cure. It is a physiological condition, present from birth, where the neurons in the brain are wired to follow very different pathways than in the “normal” person. Thus it is something I have to live with.

Go read the whole thing. And there you will see beauty amongst the silliness.