Wyre arises from the seas

Today Wyre, the first [only?] island of Orcadia, rose from the [frigid? warm?] waters of the [stormy? rough? tranquil? calm?] seas of Second Life. Still under the influences of [tectonic? volcanic? glacial? sedimentary?] forces, its topography is as yet wildly unpredictable. The digital winds blow wildly over its primitive contours.

What kind of land will Wyre become? Who will settle on its [verdant? welcoming? sunny? harsh? windswept? quaint? magical? majestic? rustic?] shores?

Only time will tell.

One Reply to “Wyre arises from the seas”

  1. And what a wonderful blank canvas it is! Full of possibilities! What you realize from it will be a very interesting journey for this observer to watch!

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