One child avatar’s motivation

Tateru Nino’s been doing brief profiles/interviews of new and established avatars over at Second Life Insider. And the most recent subject is Neo Rebus:

Neo’s a Second Life kid (a child avatar) who’s been around forever and likes to build and script “and have fun and annoy stiffnecked adults. That’s what’s great about being a kid, I get to be a bit more free about saying what i wanna say and stuff to adults, where another adult couldn’t say it.”

Um, but Neo? Your typist is an adult, not a kid, and whatever persona you assume and whatever actions you take are chosen by an adult, so if you act intentionally annoying, I’ll treat you like an annoying adult, not like a kid. It is just this aspect of some child avatars that boggles my mind.

I don’t find it entertaining when adults act childish in my First Life, and I hardly want to deal with it in Second Life, either.

Now, it may be that I’m just stiffnecked and can’t tell the difference between childish and childlike. But you know, I don’t like annoying children, either, it’s just that I put up with them (or even indulge them) because they are children.

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  1. It strikes me that this Neo character has a rather patronising view of children. Why one needs to be a child to open up on SL, I don’t understand – surely there is plenty of adult roles that could be developed to be more full-on than one’s rl persona – like being a dreadlock sporting punkish cybermurid, for example 😉

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