Mainland auctions

Now we know why Linden Lab raised the minimum bid on mainland sims: They have actually succeeded in flooding the market enough to bring winning bids on mainland sims below the price of private sims. It hasn’t descended to the minimum yet, and some sims are going for more than the purchase price of a private sim. But if you just want a whole sim to play around in (assuming you don’t want to do heavy terraforming), it looks like buying a mainland sim at auction is probably the way to go  (lower monthly fees, too!).

One Reply to “Mainland auctions”

  1. Very interesting note – with the closure of casino’s and the slowing of population growth – a lot of the new feeds have been declaring a recession (though they have been saying this for a while so who knows if that is the case). I think with the two trends (slowing population growth, closure of casinos), it makes a readjustment of land prices inevitable.

    And, since LL makes most of its money off of server space leasing, this means there is a soft patch as they try to manage their economy through it.

    And since private SIMs are much more fun, and something of a luxury, mainland ought to be lower in price in a fair world anyway!

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