Torley’s tips toned down

If you prefer information in a concise form, I’ve watched Torley Linden’s video “Tip of the week” so you don’t have to. Here in brief are the salient points of the first three weeks (with links to the videos on

  1. Turning off typing animation and sound
    • Ctrl-Alt-D (Opt-Ctrl-D on Mac) to open client menu. Go to Client>Debug settings. Type in “PlayTypingAnim” and set it to “FALSE.”
  2. Moving camera further and better
    • Disable camera constraints is an option under the Client menu (Ctrl-Alt-C). Alt-click and zoom will work at far greater distances from your avatar. This does not yet persist across sessions, but it will in a future release of the client.
    • Limit select distance is another option under the Client menu which will allow you to select objects at a distance.
    • Camera zoom time: Client menu>Debug Settings>ZoomTime will let you change how fast your camera changes position (for instance when you press ESC to bring the camera back to its default position) from a cinematic pan to instantaneous (0 seconds).
  3. Interface tricks
    • You can move minimized windows; the client will remember where they were when you closed them; they will snap to each other. The minimized edit window will show ghosted images of some of the edit buttons if you move it; this is a known bug.
    • Pie menu: If you right-click and hold, you can move over a slice and release to select the option.
    • You can close all windows using an option under the file menu or Ctrl-Shft-W (Cmd-Shft-W on Macs).
    • IM tabs: Alt-left arrow or Alt-right arrow to move across tabs (Option-arrow on Macs), or click and hold to scroll across; if you tab into the contacts tab, you will then be limited to tabbing between groups and friends.

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  1. Torley thanked you in kir blog for your summaries and said ke hopes you keep it up! That’s pretty nice.

    Corgi, friend of Baron Wulfenbach’s

  2. I had a very busy SL weekend, and haven’t been able to watch Torley’s fourth video yet. As soon as I do, I’ll post another summary.

    Thanks very much for the nice words!

  3. Hey, anonymous! A pity you didn’t leave your info, so I could let you know about the summaries I was preparing as you left your whining comment!

    Just to be clear, I have no affiliation with Linden Lab and feel no responsibility to continue making up for their deficiencies in professionalism. If you want timely, dependable text summaries, you should let Linden Lab (and Torley) know that a video is not an acceptable substitute for written documentation of basic functionality.

    Or you should get off your butt and write them yourself, A. Non.

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