Disillusioned creative

Katharine Berry, the creator of AjaxLife, a web-browser SL client in development, has posted in her blog reasons why she is partially leaving Second Life.

(The main one) Linden Lab continue to neglect the Teen Grid

How sad is that? Linden Lab says teens should be restricted to a teen-only (except for vetted adults) version of Second Life, but then they provide inadequate support, (They also, ironically, make it possible for teens to sign up on the Main Grid—against the rules but extraordinarily easily—thereby bleeding off even more talented and interesting individuals from the Teen Grid.)

Katharine has been doing wonderfully creative work, and like others before her, has been alienated by the cavalier way in which Linden Lab treats its customers.

Linden Lab: You have created an original, engaging, and promising new medium, but you could so easily be surpassed by any number of creative people like Katharine.