Victorian Shopkeepers Association

I am happy to announce the creation of a new group in Second Life: The Victorian Shopkeepers Association exists to enrich the 19th-century communities of Second Life—Caledon, New Babbage, Steelhead, Antiquity, and other sims as appropriate—by helping shoppers and shopkeepers alike mitigate the 25-groups limit.

For discerning consumers, a mechanism to consolidate notices of new products and specials in a single group.

For shopkeepers, a way to reach a wider audience through cooperative effort.

Open enrollment. Business owners, please IM me to be added as a shopkeeper.

The Rules

Shopkeepers may send up to one notice fortnightly (*subject to review) announcing new products or sales. No general advertising.

No chat.

Rules strictly enforced.

Group owners as of 28 October 2007: Kamilah Hauptmann, CoyoteAngel Dimsum, Otenth Paderborn. Officers: ZenMondo Wormser

Please feel free to spread the word of this effort.