My favorite JIRA issue yet

I’ve just been browsing through the open JIRA issues with high votes, and came across this one: [#VWR-1080] Span-cleavage slider for shirt and jacket layer definitions (and pants) – Second Life Issues (BETA)

We would like to see a checkbox added to the undershirt, shirt and jacket layers ‘Span Cleavage’ which causes these clothes items to render across the space between the tops of the breasts/pecs rather than following the contours of the cleavage. The skin layers beneath would, of course, remain unaffected. . . .

Maybe a similar thing at the pants layers too, so we can ‘Say no to Crack’ ­čśŤ

One Reply to “My favorite JIRA issue yet”

  1. Herr Duke, we should make sure Fraulein Valentine Janus sees this. One of the things that brought her to Caledon from her first homeland was looking for modest clothing – she could get all Adam ondi Ahman to support this proposal.


    Klaus Wulfenbach

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