Another JIRA plea

Mr Oldsarge Dowd today raised this long-broken aspect of groups in [our favorite virtual world]: You should be able (permissions permitting, groan) to create a proposal for a group vote, setting the quorum, period the vote is open, and method of voting (simple majority, 2/3, etc). And indeed, you can create such a proposal, and group members can vote on it—but when the voting closes, the proposal totally disappear. Vote for it here: [#VWR-1146] Closed Group Proposals NOT SHOWING in Group Voting History – Second Life Issues (BETA)

One Reply to “Another JIRA plea”

  1. Done and chivvied a few staffers into voting as well. I’ve noticed the response to the Groups issue, alas not because of my prompting, has been quite substantial. One would wish to know where are the boulders one must push to start such avalanches should they be needed in the future.


    Klaus Wulfenbach

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