New Years Honours


Aahus, Wyre

1 January 2008

The JARL has been graciously pleased to signify his intention of conferring the Honour of Knighthood upon the undermentioned:

Ancient Order of the Key

Miss nox Pinion, for public service.

Order of Merit of Saint Gall

Mr Gamboge Skall, for services to finance.

Heidrun Award

Mrs Prudence Weatherwax, for services to animals.

Press Summary

Dame nox Pinion, AOK, graciously and selflessly stepped into the role of Estate Manager during a time of need in Orcadia. Dame nox successfully added the first two names to the banned list on Wyre, under circumstances which shall be kept private.

Under Sir Gamboge Skall, OMG, the Ministry of Finance of Orcadia has balanced the books during each year of his incumbency, detailing to the øre Orcadia’s negative cash flow.

Mrs Prudence Weatherwax, HA, a widow of limited means, is kind to stray animals.

One Reply to “New Years Honours”

  1. *picks herself up off the floor, still laughing*

    Thank you kindly, Jarl, for bestowing this very great honor upon me. I shall do my utmost to uphold my duties jurisprudentially.

    *salutes smartly*

    nox Pinion

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