Royal Orcadian Bank

Part of my end-of-year entertainment was creating the 2007 Royal Orcadian Bank mint. This inaugural minting comprises a one mark coin, a one krone banknote, and a ten kroner banknote. Produced in a limited run of ten editions, the 2007 mint is presented in a keepsake wallet. The series is reproduced here for your enjoyment. (Click on the wallet to see the currency.)

(It should go without saying, but in this time of upheaval in the virtual world “banking” sector I will note that the Royal Orcadian Bank issues currency of no objective worth, which is traded on no financial markets, accepts no deposits, makes no investments, and thus pays no interest.)

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  1. Sounds more stable than the Linden! I will be converting all my currency as soon as I finish making a printing press and plates 🙂

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