The Most Honourable The Marchioness of Giggleford

An invitation to all and sundry from His Serenity, Otenth Haakon Paderborn, Jarl of Orcadia, Duke of Murdann, Viscount Ormsby of Little West Sniggery and Giggleford, Thegn of Aa:

You are cordially invited to the Investiture of The Most Honourable The Marchioness of Giggleford, Soliel Snook.

Saturday, 29 March
1-3 pm SLT
Wyre Fairgrounds

A short presentation will be followed by revelry and silliness. Music will be provided by Radio Riel, with presenters Otenth Paderborn and Soliel Snook.

Orcadian court genealogists continue to put their records in order (duly forwarding their discoveries to Begonia’s Peepage), and they have uncovered a familial relationship between Lady Giggleford and I, which prompted me to bestow on my kinswoman the title Marchioness of Giggleford.

Our common ancestor is his Grace, James Guinne Ormsby, Third Duke of Murdann, of whom I am the great-great-great-grandson by his first marriage, to Lady Lydia Jane Maclachlan, and of whom the new Lady Giggleford is the great-great-granddaughter by his second marriage, to Lady Wilhelmina Sylvia Post, making us half third cousins, once removed.

Yes, it is confusing, isn’t it? I’m also both the great-great-grandson and the great-great-great-grandson of Sigurdr Oskrr Aas, whose daughters Eleanor Margaret Aas and Sif Gudrun Aas married, respectively, my great-grandfather, His Serenity, Otenth Heinrich Paderborn, Jarl of Orcadia, and my great-great-grandfather, Magnus Haakon Heidrun, Baron Wyre. I believe this makes me my own third cousin, once removed.

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