What a load of crap

Torley Linden rides to the defense of potential shadows in Linden Research, Inc.’s virtual world: Debunking mindjunk about the cost of [Linden Research’s virtual world]’s visual quality

Mindjunk is exactly what it sounds like: mental clutter that sits in your head and makes you more anxious and fearful, taking up space without doing anything effective for your life

The only trouble is that his post is mostly, well, junk.

A computer that exceeds [Linden Research’s virtual world]’s System Recommendations can be bought for under US$500.

Torley provides a link, but it goes to a forum that gives you leads on pieces of computers. FAIL. Computer pieces do not equal a computer.

“Balkanization” is also grossly inaccurate. Even though I appreciate colorful analogies, it isn’t as easy to unite countries involved in political bloodshed as it is to click your mouse and toggle graphics options.

Torley, never dis someone else for overdoing it. Pot, meet kettle? And while you have a point about toggling off graphics options, people can barely handle doing that right now, and you just recommended that they buy the pieces of a computer? Get out of the hothouse. Seriously. 3D web? It better be plug and play. And it better work on a year-old consumer computer. If it doesn’t, Linden Research’s vision will be stuck off in the corner for all time.

And as an active user—and a customer—I don’t want that. I’ll return to this point later.

“Frustrating builders” is entirely speculative at this point

Yes, like nearly everything about virtual worlds. And your point? Sadly, it’s this:

If you’ve got an opportunity to speak up and make a difference about ongoing issues, no matter how controversial — or protroversial they may be: don’t be a community bleeder, be a community leader.

Excuse me while I throw up a little in the back of my mouth.

I’m active in several communities, as a leader. And as a community leader, let me say that Linden Research’s product shortcomings are wearing a bit thin. Linden Research doesn’t need its users to bleed away enthusiasm; it seems to be doing it all on its own.

I also pay Linden Research, Inc., several hundred dollars a month. And I get a product that doesn’t work right. How many days now of asset server problems? Don’t give me any shit about being cheerful about the next glittery gewgaw to appear on the horizon.

And to my readers (all three of you): be sure to go to Torley’s post and check out the comments, as well as the New World Notes post he is responding to, and its comments.

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  1. I’m so glad you’ve written this, and with knowledge and a lot of good arguments.

    I couldn’t agree more, and did:

    Imagine, I’m paying $2500 US tier as an SL business, and I’m forced to dumb down my computer I bought six months ago because I can’t sustain Windlight, and struggle around in laggy crashy fox while I wait on people. It’s absolutely insane. Windlight should be optional, not forced on everyone.

    Not everyone can buy parts and build their own computers, or find the $100 graphic cards that Torley claims are there for the shopping, and then install them. The regular off-the-shelf computer does not sustain any of this, and it’s THE main reason why so many people drop out of SL. The Lindens need to get a grip on this, fast. They are killing themselves with geek religious doctrine that has no grounding in the real world.

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