We’re throwing a party

You are most cordially invited to join the residents and friends of Orcadia (Wyre, Hoy, Shapinsay, and Muckle Green Holm sims) for our national holiday, Værð, or Warming Day, on Saturday, 7 June, 2008. This holiday celebrates the first anniversary of the settlement of Wyre, and the recent addition of Hoy, Shapinsay, and Muckle Green Holm.

For your entertainment and pleasure:

  • Wyre dance floor, 10am-1pm SLT, dancing to music by Radio Riel presenter Soliel Snook (80s pop and dance has been requested)
  • Hoy dance floor, metal tunes by Edwina Heron as the whim takes her
  • A most impressive labyrinth in Muckle Green Holm, based on that of the Utopian community of New Harmony, Indiana
  • A carnival on Hoy, all weekend
  • Elven drums and gamelan orchestra, location to be determined
  • 7Seas fishing
  • boating
  • lovely countryside for picnicking

Public Square on Wyre